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Yard Hosts and Growers are expected to review and sign the Agreement Form which includes a waiver and questions to consider discussing with each other. Yard sharing requires open communication. Get to know each other, share your vision, and plan how to resolve disagreements. If people get busy, or something unexpected happens, having this information ahead of time will help both partners.

*Participants should follow all local COVID-19 restrictions*.

CLICK BELOW for Yard Host - Grower Agreement Forms:

Thank you to the following for their financial or in-kind donations or for sharing their time and perspectives, to make this project come to life: 

Veg in YEG
Sustainable Food Edmonton
Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op
Cleanit Greenit
The Persimmon Project 
Simon Fraser University Interaction Design Students
Macewan University Social Work Students 
Langara College Social Planning Students
Douglas College Marketing Students
Good Worm Garden Programs 
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers


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